The main goal of the extraordinary administration is reaching a settlement with respect to all the creditors. In this section you may find more detail on the structure and the summary of key aspects of the settlement, additional clarifications and different service information, as well as information on the rights and obligations of each of the creditors.

Settlement Term Sheet
Settlement Term Sheet Support Statement
Operating results 2017 – Agrokor Group and Agrokor d.d.
Operating results 2017_Agrokor Group and Agrokor d.d.
Settlement Term sheet signed by creditors within the statutory deadline
Contents of the Settlement Term Sheet Precisely one year after the Extraordinary Administration proceeding was initiated in Agrokor, all Members of the Interim Creditors’ Council, representatives of the Suppliers’ Association and the representative of VTB have signed the settlement term sheet on 10 April 2018. This term sheet represents a framework upon which the actual…
Commercial Court in Zagreb prolonged the Extraordinary Administration Proceeding by three months
In the Extraordinary Administration Proceeding over the debtor Agrokor and its controlled and affiliated companies, the Commercial Court of Zagreb has issued a decision prolonging the Extraordinary Administration Proceeding by another three months, calculating from 10 April 2018. The Extraordinary Commissioner of Agrokor has submitted a proposal to the Commercial Court of Zagreb on 6…
Super-Priority Term Facilities Agreement and Fee Letter for the role of the lenders’ agent
The Extraordinary Administration of Agrokor has published today, in accordance with the announcement of the Extraordinary Administrator Fabris Peruško, documents which have also been delivered to the Commercial Court in Zagreb. The Super-Priority Term Facilities Agreement has been published in a consolidated version. This means that the document includes all amendments executed to date. Also,…
Supplemental Information Disclosure
Supplemental Information Disclosure 20180319
Preliminary estimates suggest a range of cca EUR1.8 – 3.8bn of value available to Agrokor creditors
Summary Information Package (updated 26 Mar 2018) EPM Guidebook According to the decision of the Interim Creditors’ Council which unanimously adopted the Disclosure Policy at its session on 21 February 2018, the Extraordinary Administration of Agrokor published important information related to the negotiations regarding the settlement plan online. These are the information that were presented to…
Creditor Groups for Agrokor’s Permanent Creditors’ Council Disclosed
The Commercial Court in Zagreb today published the ruling on assigning creditors to groups based on the proposal of the Extraordinary Commissioner, who acted in compliance with the obligation stipulated in Art. 18, item 1 of the Act on the Extraordinary Administration Proceeding in Companies of Systemic Importance for the Republic of Croatia, within the…
Commercial Court in Zagreb Passes Ruling on Verified and Contested Claims of the Agrokor Group
Yesterday the Commercial Court in Zagreb passed a ruling on verified and contested claims of Agrokor d.d. creditors, published at the Court’s e-bulletin board available at the link The Ruling states that further to the claims investigated and verified by the Extraordinary Commissioner in the amount of HRK 41.45bn and contested in the amount…
Extraordinary trustee addressed the media
Agrokor’s Extraordinary trustee Ante Ramljak said on Thursday after the meeting with Association of suppliers of Agrokor where he presented the draft settlement structure, that the starting positions were being taken today, that a certain group of creditors was not satisfied and that months of talks are ahead of them. “We see today that the…