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Monthly reports

Pursuant to Article 12 paragraph 9 of the Act on the procedure of Extraordinary Administration in commercial companies with Systemic Importance for the Republic of Croatia, Agrokor delivers a report on the Extraordinary Administration’s work to the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia, to the Advisory Body, to the Court and to the Creditor’s Council . You can downlaoad all published monthly reports here:

Agrokor monthly report April 2017

Agrokor monthly report May 2017

Agrokor monthly report June 2017

Agrokor monthly report July 2017

Agrokor monthly report August 2017

Agrokor monthly report September 2017

Agrokor monthly report October 2017

Agrokor Viability Plan (updated 06032018)

Agrokor monthly report November 2017

Agrokor Monthly Report December_2017

Appendix -Agrokor Draft Settlement Plan

Agrokor Monthly Report January 2018

Agrokor Monthly Report February 2018

Agrokor Monthly Report March 2018

Agrokor Monthly Report April 2018

Presentation of audited operating results 2017 – Agrokor d.d. and Group

Agrokor Monthly Report May 2018 

Agrokor Monthly Report June 2018 

Agrokor Monthly Report July 2018 

Agrokor Monthly Report August 2018