The overall operation of the extraordinary administration, as well as the settlement process attracted a significant interest of the media and the public. The extraordinary administration on regular basis and transparently communicates with the media. This section contains some of the numerous publications in the press.

Agrokor to return to normal business in 2019
Peruško: Opponents are in the minority, the settlement will we reached nevertheless
published in Večernji list, by Marina Šunjerga, translated to English from original text: In the second half of May, the EPM model will be announced, so the owners of the new Agrokor will be known and the financial statements of the company will be published Extraordinary commissioner for Agrokor, Fabris Peruško brought Agrokor very close…
Executive Director of AlixPartners And Main Restructuring Adviser: ‘There Is Not Much Time Left To Save Agrokor But I Believe In Success’
published in: Jutarnji List, by Viktor Vresnik, 10 February 2018 Whoever visited old Agrokor, at Cibona’s Tower in the center of Zagreb, will immediately experience the gravity of the upcoming changes in the Spartan business building in the industrial zone Žitnjak, where today’s company is headquartered. “Get upstairs on the first floor, then turn left,” the…
Agrokor Sees Financial Improvement Following Restructuring
Croatia’s Agrokor accepts debt claims for $6.35 billion, disputes Sberbank’s claim
Agrokor Says It Failed to Report $616 Million of Liabilities
First settlement proposal for Agrokor creditors expected in November
Agrokor, the supermarket whose collapse threatens the Balkans
The supermarket that shook Croatia