The process of reaching a settlement under the extraordinary administration procedure of Agrokor is one of the most complex in Croatia and in Europe due to the complexities of Agrokor as a business and the total amount of the debt as well as the large number of creditors, 5.700 of them. This section contains all the news on the process of reaching of a settlement for all the key stakeholders, as well as the latest details and developments.

Peruško: Opponents are in the minority, the settlement will we reached nevertheless
published in Večernji list, by Marina Šunjerga, translated to English from original text: In the second half of May, the EPM model will be announced, so the owners of the new Agrokor will be known and the financial statements of the company will be published Extraordinary commissioner for Agrokor, Fabris Peruško brought Agrokor very close…
Operating results 2017 – Agrokor Group and Agrokor d.d.
Operating results 2017_Agrokor Group and Agrokor d.d.
Key creditors statement on validity of guarantees
Agrokor’s financial and legal advisers performed a thorough review of all claim filings, including claim filings based on guarantees issued by Agrokor’s subsidiaries. The claims on the basis of guarantees were examined and determined to be fully lawful and valid and have been recognized by the Extraordinary Administrator as valid claims, i.e. legally binding obligations…
Extraordinary Commissioner’s Address to the Board of Economy of the Croatian Parliament
Dear Deputy Prime Minister, dear President of the Board, dear Members of Parliament, Ladies and Gentlemen,   Exactly seven weeks ago the Commercial Court in Zagreb appointed my colleague Irena Weber and myself as Extraordinary Commissioner and Deputy. Over the course of these seven weeks it has been our first and foremost goal to sign…
12th Monthly Report of the Extraordinary Administration Published: Trend of Good Operating Results Continues, Particularly in Retail
Creditors signing an arrangement on key elements of the settlement is the most important event at Agrokor lately Agrokor Monthly Report March 2018 Agrokor has published the 12th Monthly Report of the Extraordinary Administration pertaining to the period from March 11 to April 10, 2018. The report covers the development of the economic and financial…
Settlement Term sheet signed by creditors within the statutory deadline
Contents of the Settlement Term Sheet Precisely one year after the Extraordinary Administration proceeding was initiated in Agrokor, all Members of the Interim Creditors’ Council, representatives of the Suppliers’ Association and the representative of VTB have signed the settlement term sheet on 10 April 2018. This term sheet represents a framework upon which the actual…
Commercial Court in Zagreb prolonged the Extraordinary Administration Proceeding by three months
In the Extraordinary Administration Proceeding over the debtor Agrokor and its controlled and affiliated companies, the Commercial Court of Zagreb has issued a decision prolonging the Extraordinary Administration Proceeding by another three months, calculating from 10 April 2018. The Extraordinary Commissioner of Agrokor has submitted a proposal to the Commercial Court of Zagreb on 6…
Super-Priority Term Facilities Agreement and Fee Letter for the role of the lenders’ agent
The Extraordinary Administration of Agrokor has published today, in accordance with the announcement of the Extraordinary Administrator Fabris Peruško, documents which have also been delivered to the Commercial Court in Zagreb. The Super-Priority Term Facilities Agreement has been published in a consolidated version. This means that the document includes all amendments executed to date. Also,…
Agrokor’s Extraordinary Administration and Sberbank have signed an agreement which sets out steps that will result in the withdrawal of litigation proceedings and recognition of Sberbank’s claims
Agrokor’s Extraordinary Commissioner Fabris Peruško and Sberbank’s First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board Maksim Poletaev have signed a term sheet by which principles are set for Sberbank and its affiliates in due course to withdraw the litigation proceedings they have initiated against Agrokor and its affiliates and for the Extraordinary Commissioner to admit Sberbank’s…
Supplemental Information Disclosure
Supplemental Information Disclosure 20180319